Software updates

I’ve finished updating 4 of my D&D 4e web applications with a slightly modified GUI, which will hopefully be more useful.

The affected applications are:

A couple of them (most notably Treasure Trove) had the GUI messed with a bit so that it should stay more consistent regardless of your screen size.

All of them have been updated to organize the sources by type (e.g. all magazines are together, all adventures are together, core books are listed first) and only display sources which actually have monsters or items as appropriate.

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6 Responses to “Software updates”

  1. Wow, looks really good… too bad I’ve been too busy for D&D stuff :(

    SeiferTim’s last blog post..Catastrophic Failure

  2. I like the new UI. Good stuff.

  3. Asmor, keep up the good work as always! I still use the monstermaker religiously and Quartermaster is getting some serious burn as of late, as well.

  4. Good work!

    btw, your monster lister stops at lvl 30 and there are a few lvl 30-35 mobs out there.

  5. @Kapoue: That’s because there are no official rules for making monsters above 30th level.

  6. Awesome! Love the encounter generator.

    Johnn Four’s last blog post..When Good Ideas Linger Too Long: Compacting plotlines

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