Random Encounters: Twenty

Not RPG related, but I think there’s a sizable overlap between RPGers and board gamers, so…

I’m quite proud to announce my Dominion Randomizer. It’s called, cleverly enough, “Asmor’s Dominion Tool.” I know, I rock the casbah when it comes to names.

It’s optimized for use on iPhones and iPod Touches, and should work pretty well on any other device with at least a 320-pixel-wide resolution.

For those wondering what the hell Dominion is, Dominion is a really, really cool card game which recently won the SDJ (that’s Spiel des Jahres– literally translates to Game of the Year, the most prestigious award a board game can win) and is very popular with pretty much everyone who tries it. You can read more about it at Board Game Geek.

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