Friends & Foes: The Oathbreakers

Emperor Ormbast IV was not necessarily beloved by all, but he was widely recognized as a fair, just, and wise ruler. His son, Ormbast V, inherited none of his father’s good qualities. V is greedy and cruel; he instituted harsh new taxes and terrible laws to punish those who didn’t pay. He is also petty, [...]

Friends & Foes: Hardened Chuul

Hardened Chuul Description The ground trembles a bit as this massive, yellow, lobster-like creature steps out of the lake. Sheets of water fall off its dense exoskeleton. Hardened Chuul Level 15 Elite Brute Large Aberrant Beast (aquatic) XP 2,400 Initiative +10 Senses Perception +12 HP 272; Bloodied 136 AC 31; Fortitude 30, Reflex 26, Will [...]

Friends & Foes: The Dragon at the End of the World

The feywild, mortal plane and shadowfell form a path which every mortal soul travels. New souls enter the world through the ley nexus in the feywild and, when they shuffle off their mortal coil, exit through the ley nexus of the shadowfell. Long ago, a fearsome dragon named Monatiss tried to take the power of [...]

Friends & Foes: He’s His Own Best Friend

Shadar-Kai Deathmaster Level 13 Elite Brute Medium Shadow Humanoid (shadar-kai) XP – Initiative +9 Senses Perception +10 HP 316; Bloodied 158 AC 27; Fortitude 28, Reflex 25, Will 29 Resist 10 necrotic; Vulnerable 10 radiant Saving Throws +2 Speed 6 Action Points 1 M Shadowfist (Standard; at-will) ♦ necrotic +16 vs. AC; 3d6+6 damage and [...]

Friends & Foes: Troggles

Troggle Description Troggles look like grapefruit-sized burrs floating silently in the water. They are usually deployed en masse by evil aquatic creatures– particularly those with ties to the far realms– to guard specific sites. The troggles are given a specific list of criteria to identify enemies; for example, any non-sahuagin humanoid. Despite their lack of [...]

Friends & Foes: Furnace Golem

Furnace Golem Description A furnace golem is a massive, vaguely-humanoid construct. Its huge barrel chest contains a furnace, and it uses pitchfork-like claws to rake any living things into the hopper on its back. Furnace Golem Level 18 Elite Brute Gargantuan Natural Animate (construct) XP 4,000 Initiative +14 Senses Perception +12 Trembling Ground aura 10; [...]

Friends & Foes: The Blackguard

Blackguard It’s a bit of an adjustment, and the retirement plan’s not so hot… But such power is worth any price. Prerequsites: Paladin class, trained in intimidate, special (see below) Special: A blackguard must have started as a paladin of a good or lawful good god, and must have fallen. The specific form the paladin’s [...]

Friends & Foes: Giant Mutant Farm Animals

In case you should ever need them, here are some giant mutant farm animals. Giant Mutant Chicken Giant Mutant Chicken Level 9 Brute Large Natural Beast XP 400 Initiative +8 Senses Perception +5 HP 120; Bloodied 60 AC 21; Fortitude 22, Reflex 22, Will 19 Speed 8 M Peck (Standard; at-will) +12 vs. AC; 1d8+5 [...]

Friends & Foes: Warforged Octopus

Warforged Octopus Description The light from two ominously-glowing reflect off the assorted metal plates covering this creature’s bulbous head. Long, cable-like tentacles trail behind it. Warforged Octopus Level 7 Elite Soldier Large Natural Magical Beast (aquatic, living construct) XP 600 Initiative +8 Senses Perception +5, darkvision HP 166; Bloodied 83; see also warforged resolve AC [...]

Friends & Foes: The Skreed

Long ago, a tribe of humans mastered the arts of necromancy and used them to great effect. Zombies and skeletons served them at war and at home, as soldiers and servants. The gods punished the Skreed for their meddling in the dark arts by cursing them. The Skreed were banished to the Shadowfell and twisted [...]